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About the Practitioner

Hi, my name is Roy Alderman Jr. I was born in 1963 and have lived in Greensboro my entire life. I began competitive weightlifting at age 13 and got my first job at Stamey's Barbecue on my 14th Birthday. During the next 10 years I competed on a regular basis and after a failed attempt at college I worked a variety of blue collar jobs. I suffered several pulled muscles and other injuries during this time. In 1986, I began a long love affair with Martial Arts along with several broken bones, including a broken face. I eventually opened my own Dojo in McLeansville. I was just as incompetent at business as I was proficient in Karate. During my stint as a Sensei, I had a spell of nonstop, debilitating headaches. Every doctor (there were probably half a dozen) I went to said it was part of whatever their specialty was. After months of agony, I pursued homeopathic remedies and eventually cured myself.

Shortly after this, I began having back and groin pain - all the while my Karate School was failing financially. It eventually closed and my pain got worse. I had crummy insurance so I dealt with it. After 10 years of increasingly intense pain I procured insurance and almost immediately got a hip replacement. The PA said it was the worst looking hip she had ever seen. I got a job that paid well for the next 7 years. It paid well, but it was a soul-sucking job that I utterly despised. I dreaded going to work every day. I would come home with an empty feeling, a throbbing head and knotted up muscles. I hated the job, but it required a fairly large financial investment in the venture as well. I couldn't just walk away and it was the best money i ever made in my life. The worst part was I hated myself for staying so long at a job that I should have walked away from - and all for money. About a  year before that job ended (closed really) my Dad killed himself. I dealt with crushing depression for a long time after that. When that job ended, I decided to learn a vocation that fulfilled me and helped others.

Why does any of this matter? Well, I can tell you, I didn't like getting "treated" by hacks and Doctors that hadn't lived a single day in my shoes and could care less who I was, what I had been through and what the root of my problems were. I have had injuries, maladies and mental and physical pain that more often than not, doctors couldn't or didn't know how to cure (except for my hip - thanks Dr. Rowan). I have a unique perspective and have the ability to empathize and communicate with my clients. My knowledge of anatomy (gleaned form years of physical undertakings and competition as well as MT School) and critical thinking make me an excellent problem solver. I put these skills to use in helping my clients get rid of their pain.

Roy Alderman - NC State License #7515.

I specialize in Myofascial Therapy, deep tissue massage and stretching for pain relief. I also offer on site chair and table massage for businesses

I've been in private practice since 2007.
Graduate of the highly respected Body Therapy Institute

I am on a mission to relieve chronic pain for others. Come to someone that gets it and will do their best to help you.


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