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Private couples massage workshop

Ever wish you knew how to give your spouse a great massage? Ever wish THEY knew how to give YOU a great massage? You BOTH will be able to after this 3+ hour massage workshop!!

Learn step by step how to give a pro style back massage. Learn how to give a relaxation and deep tissue massage without getting tired. During this workshop you will work on each other as well as receiving a full professional back massage from me as well. You will learn by watching and then performing a full back massage. It is all written down on an easy to understand, move-by-move directions that you will be able to take home with you.

You will learn:

Basic strokes, how to use body weight instead of pure strength, areas to avoid and proper stances so you don't get tired. These workshops are great fun and give you skills you can really use at home.

Cost: $249.00




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